Namaste! I’m Verena.
I help modern mothers reclaim their time and health.

Hello, I am Verena Primus.

Welcome to the transformative journey towards holistic health and well-being for mothers. I am Verena Gayatri Primus, a passionate advocate for women’s health and well-being, guiding women like you through profound life transition like conception, birth, postpartum, various stages of motherhood, all the way through to perimenopause and menopause.

My story? With a rich background in classical ballet, including performances at the Vienna State Opera and the Alvin Ailey Company in New York, my life’s journey took a captivating turn towards Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping over 5000 clients and more than 10.000 Yoga students in the United States and Europe, infusing ancient teachings with modern coaching tools.

In my eleven-year immersion in both motherhood and in my work as an Ayurveda-Yoga coach, I’ve crafted a toolkit of practices, sadhanas, tailored to help mothers like yourself. These practices serve to facilitate a reconnection—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The essence of this reconnection forms the foundation for unearthing one’s dharma, the true purpose in life. This journey encompasses how we care for ourselves, nurture our children and relationships, and determine the trajectory of our life, career, and spiritual path. I embody and impart what I practice, providing guidance to clients seeking proactive control over their health, careers, family life, and personal growth.

As a certified Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist from the Californian College of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Teacher, and Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Senior Yoga Teacher, I merge the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation to create personalized practices that nurture and sustain women through various life stages. My unique Preconception and Conception and Pre-and Postnatal and First Year of Motherhood Ayurveda-Yoga programs are shaped by training as a DONA Doula and experiences as mother of two.

For nearly three decades, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with women worldwide, transitioning from introducing women to Reiki and dance to dedicating thousands of hours to Esalen and Ayurvedic massages. My journey led me to focus on a holistic Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching approach, specifically designed for women and mothers, aiding them in reclaiming purpose, health, focus, and individuality. Through these years, I’ve gained insights into the struggles and needs of women in various life stages and as a mother myself, I’ve naturally connected with mothers facing similar challenges.

Embark on this journey holistic journey through motherhood with me. I’ll share insights,
practical guidance, and stories, navigating the complexities of motherhood
from Preconception to Menopause
with consciousness, compassion, and a yogic-ayurevdic approach.

Let's dive into:

Using modern Coaching tools,
I help you integrate these practices into your life as mother.

It’s about realizing your true nature,
living your health and purpose,
and mastering practical life tools.

Together, we’ll navigate adjustments, listen to instincts, and navigate changes during each important phase of motherhood.

Life is a dance of evolution, and each step brings us closer to our true selves. As you explore the profound teachings and tools of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation remember that your journey is uniquely yours, filled with discoveries and transformations. Embrace the power of holistic healing, and let’s experience the beautiful chaos of motherhood together.

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About Me and My Values

I love silence.

I love writing. I love music. I love to dance, to sing, and to paint.
I love water, flowers, and nature.

I was born Austrian,
but have lived a third of my life in the United States.
I am drawn to the cultures of India, Japan, and England.

My values are:
Family, Truthfulness, and Loyalty.
What I really don’t like is:
Alcoholism, Smoking, Drugs, and Falsehood,
because it can destroy lives, families, and the connection to dignity.

I am a Pitta-Vata Constitution,
very disciplined and creative, at times intense or overwhelmed.
Emotionally and spiritually, I am Kapha,
loving and carrying, while often forgetting about myself.

I live what I teach,
and teach what I love.
I am far from being perfect,
yet I have come to see perfection in all of life.

I bow to you as I bow to life and I am here to serve you.


My Story

If you would like to read more about my story:

How My Life Transformed:
From Dancer to Sannyasin to Mother

Embracing the Power of Ayurveda and Yoga in Motherhood

Please go on a transformational and fun journey from
Austria to America to India with me:

I write about six topics to help you reclaim your time and health.


Holistic health for mothers integrates physical, mental, emotional , and spiritual well-being. This balance enhances vitality and resilience, benefiting both you and your family.


Yoga combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to enhance strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.It helps you manage stress, and is a game-changer for moms!


Ayurveda promotes health and longevity by understanding your unique constitution. Discover personalized diet and lifestyle practices to unlock your true potential and well-being.


Experience clarity and reconnect with yourself through meditation. Discover techniques that enhance focus and support personal growth, enriching your daily life.


When you grow personally and spiritually, every aspect of your life improves. Connecting with your spiritual essence provides unwavering support and helps you discover your true values as a mother.


Learning time management helps mothers use their time and energy wisely, ensuring there’s space for self-care and pursuing true passions alongside family, work, and social commitments.

“For several years, Verena has been by my side. From the desire to have a healthier, leaner body to the journey of becoming a mother. Even during my pregnancy and the life changes that followed, she was there with advice, yoga, and Ayurveda. Thanks to her, I can walk my path as a (mostly) balanced, working, and healthy mother. Verena, your unwavering support, and guidance have been invaluable to me on this journey. I deeply appreciate you and your work.“
Yvonne, Designer and Mother, Vienna
“Reflecting on my journey, I am certain that without this program, my recovery and adaptation to motherhood would have been much more challenging. The comprehensive preparation for both birth and the crucial postnatal period was invaluable. I am deeply thankful for the essential support and knowledge I received from Verena, which have been fundamental in my transition into motherhood.“
Paula, Project manager and Mother, Tirol
“Since joining Verena’s program, I've found a holistic approach to managing my time and energy, especially important after the birth of my second child. The coaching has been transformative, helping me to become more centered and balanced. I appreciate how it integrates all aspects of my life—work, wellness, and motherhood—into a manageable routine. I'm grateful for Verena's guidance that has made me more resilient and less stressed, allowing me to enjoy the small moments more fully.“
Maria, Journalist and Mother, Vienna
“This is not a Yoga Class! Your classes are therapy! I come in a feel tired and exhausted and I leave feeling refreshed and well again. You are very professional and the results are clear. I definitely recommend you!”
Dr. Barbara E., Psychiatrist, Vienna
“I have worked with Verena Primus, a beautiful person inside and out, for the past 6 years and she is an extraordinarily gifted healer on multiple levels. She is a highly trained professional in Ayurvedic medicine and a yoga master. Verena’s care helped me to recover from a serious heart condition, which greatly impressed my cardiologist. I feel very blessed to have Verena in my life and I highly recommend her.”
AT, Consultant San Francisco, California
“Now I understand that one cannot apply the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga all at once. It is simply not possible! It takes time to find it’s way into my life and for me to adjust to it.”
DDr. Andrea B., Vienna
“Hi Gayatri, I have been sharing with family and friends the amazing path I am on and everybody wants to know more. You have certainly opened up such a wonderful path for me. I am meditating daily, eating as you have suggested, and I am in the process of giving up coffee. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I count you as one of this years biggest blessing. You are truly a gift!”
Jane, Family therapist Halfmoon Bay, California
“I’m so thankful for the wisdom of Verena Primus. I’m not able to see Verena nearly enough for her Ayurvedic consultations as I would like but still, she’s my go-to for beauty and health. I’ll be serving Tulsi tea.“
Stephanie L.C, Vogue features associate, New York City
“I am so happy that I have found a teacher who can support me in every situation in my life and who can help me translate it into Yoga. My body changed, my mind changed and I found more awareness for myself and the world around me.“
Maria, actress, Vienna and Germany
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