Supporting Motherhood, Careers, Menopause and Personal Growth

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Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching guides you to:

  • Reconnect To Yourself: Find out what you need and want
  • Live at Ease: Create ideal routines and habits that save you time and energy
  • Focus on Essentials: Get clear on your values and priorities and live by them
  • Create the Life You Want: Live your true nature in everyday life

You Want to Feel More Ease in your Life?

  • o You want to feel at ease and full of energy?
  • o You want more focus and clarity?
  • o You want to be fit and in shape?
  • o You want more time for yourself?
    o You want to find your ideal balance between career and family?

Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching Programs

Supporting Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Post Partum

  • Do you have difficulties conceiving?
  • Do you feel nervous about pregnancy and birth?
  • Would you like to prepare yourself for a joyful conception and motherhood?
  • Would you like to relax and nourish yourself and your baby during pregnancy?
  • Would you like to prepare for an easeful birth and postpartum time?

Life-Coaching: A Better Work-Life Balance

  • Do you often feel stressed?
  • Do you feel you never fully
    present with your family?
  • Do you feel you could be more efficient at work?
  • Would you like to have more time for your private life
  • Would you like to advance in your career without burn-out?

Personal Development: More Energy, Ease & Focus

  • Do you often feel tired and exhausted?
  • Do you have sleeping difficulties?
  • Do you consider yourself over- or underweight?
  • Would you like to feel and look fit again?
  • Would you like to feel more at ease and organized in your day-to-day life as family?

What do i need?

Are you thinking about coaching but don’t know if this is the right place for you or which coaching would be right for you?
Contact us without obligation and we will discuss your individual situation. 

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Yvonne | Designer

  • It was a journey to learn to put myself first.
  • It is important that I am healthy and that I feel good otherwise my company and employees will also suffer.
    I started to workout with Yoga everyday and I also changed my eating habits, which made a total impact on my health and my wellbeing. New and better routines started to become a habit, which I am very happy about. We also moved further to prepare myself for motherhood. It was a very, very nice journey and I am pregnant now. I am looking forward to the next steps and I am sure Verena will be a part of it. Thank You. 
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Paula | Entrepreneur

  • Verena is a very kind and trustful person and she will give you tools and take your hand to be successful with your wishes.
  • I started some years ago with Verena. Her Foundation Program helped me to incorporate the Ayurvedic lifestyle into my daily life. When the time felt right, I wanted the best preparation to enter a new chapter in my life “Becoming a Mum.” With a lot of love and care Verena gave me a lot of tools to prepare my body and mind for this new chapter. This intensive Couching was successful: I got pregnant. For me it was obvious that I would join Verena for the Pregnancy Program so that I will enjoy a healthy pregnancy and easeful birth.
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Maria | Entrepreneur, Journalist and Mother

  • I always wanted my children to have a natural birth, but it wasn’t possible, which is why it was so important for me to find out again through Verena that it’s still me who gives life.
    Even though it was a cesarean section, I experienced the birth as something very beautiful. I really noticed the difference from my first cesarean birth in the hospital, because I was fit again much faster and I was more stable internally. Verena is so experienced and loving and was always at my side with advice and action. Working with her made the time before and after the birth very special. I am now looking forward to the postnatal program with her. Thank You!

About Your Coaches

Hello, I am Verena Primus

Verena helps women to find better routines and rhythms in their lives so they can live their health and authenticity. She believes every woman has the right to live her dreams and be a mother (if she chooses to be one). Verena shows women how to find a balance between giving to others and giving to themselves by incorporating Ayurvedic, Yogic and Coaching principles in their day-to-day life. Ideal daily habits and routines sustain and nourish women and helps them deal with stress and their daily multitasking as mother, wife, employer or entrepreneur.

Verena takes the ancients teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga and combines them with tools of coaching to guide clients to their goal of a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. And this on all levels!

            Together with her husband Jens Wolff she has developed the B.A.S.E method of coaching that helps clients transform themselves and their lives in a clear step-by-step way. The result is a proactive life based on the individual’s values, wants and needs.

In her youth, Verena worked as Classical Ballet dancer at the Vienna State Opera and  in New York City, Paris and London. The discipline and endurance she acquired in her years as Classical Ballet dancer, she later applied in her Yogic and Ayurvedic studies. She trained at the Esalen Institute in California, at the California College of Ayurveda and did internships with Ayurvedic Doctors and in Yoga Ashrams in India and California.

In her twenty-seven years as Ayurveda-Yoga Coach and Teacher, she has seen over 3000 clients and students and has given over 9000 consultations and Ayurveda-Yoga classes in the United States and Europe. She is married to Jens Wolff and they have two children.

Her motto:
Live the Art of Mama Wonder-full and Enjoy Every Extraordinary-Ordinary Moment

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Why Clients Come To Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching?

  • How can I be a mum and show up with full attention for my family, job and myself?
  • What are tools that I can use to help me deal with stress and sustaining my energy level and focus?
  • How can I carve time out for myself and set the right priorities?
  • How can I maintain the connection to myself and feel at ease?
  • How can I live the kind of life I want to live?

Maybe you have asked yourself some of these questions and wonder whether coaching with the support of Ayurvedic principles and Yogic practices can help you in your very individual situation. In this video you will learn the most common topics that women have when they seek our coaching. You may be surprised to hear that even though we all live our individual lives it is usually one of three challenges that most clients face and seek support for. Take a look at the video and you will get a feeling for whether the chemistry between us is right and whether you like our approach.

Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching Steps


You send us a message here


We discuss whether and how I can support you


If the answer is Yes, we will arrange a first get-to-know session

What is Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching?

When it comes to Ayurveda and Yoga, we think of a healthy diet, oil massage and Yoga postures. When it comes to coaching we often think that only athletes or business executives need it. Coaching has long since reached the masses and Ayurveda and Yoga is much more than what magazine articles show us. Ayurveda is unique in it’s teaching of our individual constitution and how by living in alignment with our individual needs and the rhythm of nature we can discover not only the best way to our ideal body and physical fitness but also discover our individual strength and purpose.  Yoga is also not limited to physical postures and breathing techniques but it is a way of life and how we show up for ourselves and others.

What I practice and live is what I teach clients who come to me with the wish to do something for themselves and who would like to take their health, their carrier, their family life and personal growth proactively into their own hands. I have had the honor and the privilege to work with women all over the globe for almost thirty years and I have seen what women struggle with and need in various stages of their lives. Since I became a mother myself, I use modern coaching tools to help women integrate Ayurvedic and Yogic tools and principals into the life of a mother.

Yoga is the path of realizing your true nature.

Ayurveda is the wisdom how to live your individual purpose.

Coaching is a modern system of practical life tools.

The combination of the three can help you to navigate through the many adjustments you need to make as mother while learning how to listen and trust your own instincts and intuitions.

Let me tell how it all evolved and why the combination of Ayurveda, Yoga and Coaching helps my clients and me so much in this blog article. 

What is the B.A.S.E Method of Coaching?

Our life, both privately and professionally, is always the result of our previous decisions. As we know and as research has confirmed, we do not make decisions rationally, but decisions are primarily dependent on our emotions and our state.

The B.A.S.E. method of coaching was developed by us to support you from four angles as you get to know yourselve better and learn to optimize your state. You get practical and efficient tools that you can use in everyday life to turn your state, energy level and mind-set into a positive one and live with more ease and focus. You can see the four elements of the B.A.S.E. method in the graphic to the left hand side of this text.

The point is not to quickly solve problems on the surface and then move on. It’s about getting to know yourself better before you can start to create a life that suits you based on your individual constitution, values and strengths. This includes your health and your job as well as your relationships and your self-image. 

“This is not a Yoga Class! Your classes are therapy! I come in a feel tired and exhausted and I leave feeling refreshed and well again. You are very professional and the results are clear. I definitely recommend you!”
Dr. Barbara E., Psychiatrist, Vienna
“I have worked with Verena Primus, a beautiful person inside and out, for the past 6 years and she is an extraordinarily gifted healer on multiple levels. She is a highly trained professional in Ayurvedic medicine and a yoga master. Verena’s care helped me to recover from a serious heart condition, which greatly impressed my cardiologist. I feel very blessed to have Verena in my life and I highly recommend her.”
AT, Consultant San Francisco, California
“Now I understand that one cannot apply the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga all at once. It is simply not possible! It takes time to find it’s way into my life and for me to adjust to it.”
DDr. Andrea B., Vienna
“Hi Gayatri, I have been sharing with family and friends the amazing path I am on and everybody wants to know more. You have certainly opened up such a wonderful path for me. I am meditating daily, eating as you have suggested, and I am in the process of giving up coffee. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I count you as one of this years biggest blessing. You are truly a gift!”
Jane, Family therapist Halfmoon Bay, California
“I’m so thankful for the wisdom of Verena Primus. I’m not able to see Verena nearly enough for her Ayurvedic consultations as I would like but still, she’s my go-to for beauty and health. I’ll be serving Tulsi tea.“
Stephanie L.C, Vogue features associate, New York City
“I am so happy that I have found a teacher who can support me in every situation in my life and who can help me translate it into Yoga. My body changed, my mind changed and I found more awareness for myself and the world around me.“
Maria, actress, Vienna and Germany

What Do You Get From Ayurveda-Yoga Coaching?

Here are our areas of expertise in coaching:     

  • Life coaching : How happy am I in my life and what do I want to change?
  • Personal development: Who am I and who do I want to be?
  • Ayurveda-Yoga: How can I stay or become fit, healthy and balanced?
  • Career coaching: Career advice and orientation. Am I in the right job?
  • Online coaching: Time-saving, location-independent coaching since 2017  

In the course of the coaching you will get to know each other better and you will gain clarity about your individual constituion, values and your goals, which are often not clearly defined when clients come to us. You steer all of your areas of life in the same direction, towards an overarching goal, and this makes a lot of things easier. Only when we know ourselves can we plan our lives in the long term and set specific goals for ourselves. If you as mother or father feel happy, fulfilled and clear, your children will feel the same way. The work you do on yourself gets reflected in the wellbeing of your children and gives your children the same sense of security and orientation that you will start to feel. Also your partnership will benefit from a more balanced and happy version of yourself.

As a coach, I bring an objective view from the outside and I am your sparring partner for challenging situations and also a cushion of support when also you as mother need a shoulder to cry on. If you want to get more out of your life, to be more authentic and, above all, to be happier, then get in touch now!  In a free 15-Minute call, we will find out whether and how we can support you. 


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Jutta | Marketing Manager and Mother

  • I received tools from Verena and Jens during the coaching program, which helped me, especially as a single mother, to stay calm and to see a wide variety of situations from a different perspective, or neural perspective.
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Katie | Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and Mother

  • Ayurveda with Verena supported me during my second pregnancy.
    I received many good tips how to nourish my body and soul before and after the birth, which especially helped me with breast-feeding. The Ayurvedic support and care from Verena was a dream and I still sing the Gayatri Mantra for my children at night. Thank You! 
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Babsi | Psychiatrist and Mother

  • Verena has helped me in a very challenging time of my life. At the time I was mainly functioning and her special way of teaching Yoga and breathing exercises has helped me to feel myself again.
  • I could reconnect to myself and my body again and I could cope with the difficult situation I was in much better. I am still using tools she has taught me ten years ago and I am very grateful for our time together. Thank You! 




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